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Slavehearted: Stories of Slavery and Submission's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Slavehearted: Stories of Slavery and Submission's LiveJournal:

Monday, July 9th, 2007
1:11 pm
enslaved continued
Dorei crawled on all fours under the table to rest herself in front of her exboyfriend Phillip. He had already pulled his cock out so she leaned up and started to suck on him. She did a quick rhythm hoping that he'd cum fast so she didn't have to spend too much time on him. Phillip grabbed her by the hair to stop her and pulled her out from under the table. "Bitch i think i'd like you to fuck my cock with your pussy first then your ass as i'm sitting here at the table playing. I've had plenty of your blowjobs, I want to feel that pussy now.", phillip laughed when he saw the look on her face after his request. She climbed onto his lap and straddled him and lowered her pussy down onto his cock. Up and down she moved herself up and down his cock. After about 20 min of this Phillip grabbed her hips when they were raised then guided his cock to her asshole. With no lube except for her pussy juices it took a bit to work his cock into her hole. She could feel the pressure of having a cock inside her anus, it was uncomfortable but as he started meeting her pelvis with small thrusts it felt strangely good to her at the same time. Getting tired of the slow action Phillip held onto her hips and placed her up on the table over his poker chips and started to fuck her hard and fast into her asshole. She had to grip the table just to not be scooting back from the strength of his thrusting. When it was Phillips turn he stopped made a bid and then went back to fucking her. This went on for about an hour, Phillip was holding back on purpose he wanted to make her ass sore when he was done with it. Everytime she looked like she was about to cum he would stop and pinch her nipples and change the rhytm he wanted her to suffer like he had when they dated and all she would do is a rare bj. For years they were together and
he probably only got 5 blowjobs total.

One of the strangers said hey man quit hogging the whore i want a turn. The guy was huge and disgusting looking, someone she never would have even looked at outside this situation. "Ahhh my bad bro, let me just jerk it in her face really quick then.", said phillip. Phillip took his cock out of Dorei's asshole and started to beat off, it only took 30 seconds and he was spewing his gizz all over her face. He reached down and smeared it all over her face with his hand then made her lick the cum that was on his hand off.

With Phillip fucking her on the table out in the open, it changed the interests of all the men at the table. They no longer wanted to play cards. They wanted to play Train and triple penetrate the sex slave. It was about 10pm when they started their new game and still fucking her brains out when 6am rolled around. She had passed out a few times from a combination of pain from the rawness and exhaustion from the sheer usage of her body. As Phillip, Joe and Jake were filling all of her holes at 6am she blacked out after cumming.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZ the shock awoke her both in noise and the jolt it sent through her body. "Wake up slut", ordered Joe. Joe grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the couch and told her to kneel there facing the tv. He started a video on the machine and after a few minutes she realized that the tape was a video they made last night. Every single act she did or was done to her was all on this flick. Dorei blushd furiously. "I already have a buyer for the film, whore", laughed Joe.

"There is only one problem, cunt", continued Joe. "The man that wants the video also want to buy you. He wants to pay 10 million in cash. So you see that is a problem, we really like you cunt, but 10 million... could prolly buy a few sluts for that.", said Joe. He sat there for a few minutes in deep thought then grabbed a phone and dialed out.

"Yeah Steve, I think i'm going to pass on that offer, only the video is for sale. "

Dorei couldn't hear the conversation on both sides, but when she heard Joe say, "Well in that case you got yourself a deal" she knew what her fate was going to be.

"Well cunt, it looks like you are going to have another Master. 50 million I couldn't pass up, I don't care how good the pussy/ass/mouth is. Your new Master will be coming via private jet tonight we are to meet him at the private air strip."

Dorei started to cry. At least where she is at now she knew what to expect. She found herself wanting to ask if the new man would have animals. She'd become accustomed to fucking the animals and she loved it. She thought better of asking though. Joe led her to the cage and locked her in. She decided to curl up and take a nap.

About 6 hours later at 8pm she awoke to the damn shock collar again. She squealed out loud it really hurt that time. "On your feet cunt, your new Master is waiting at the air port", barked Joe. Joe clasped a leash on her and took off the corset and boot and thigh highs leaving her completely naked except for a shock collar and the other collar with nipple clamps attached. He led her outside to the Van and locked her to the O-ring suspended to the ceiling.

The private airport was only 30 min away. Dorei's heart was beating loudly, she was so frightened of what was to become of her. Joe started laughing out of nowhere,"Selling you to this guy is gonna make me never have to worry about money ever again."

After they got to the airport they drove right onto the strip, and parked next to a limo and a private plane. A big guy about 6'4" got out of the limo and started walking up to the back of the van. The man looked like he was from somewhere in South america. He looked to weigh about 300 pounds. He was disgusting looking to her. Dorei started to cry and beg Joe to not sell her to this man. Joe just laughed at her.

Joe unlocked her from the O-Ring and handed the shock remote and the leash to the man. The man nodded to one of his workers to hand a bag full of money over to Joe. The man tugged at her leash but she tried to stay put. He shocked her which motivated her to follow him into the plane. Once on the plane he put her in a small cage where she could barely move. There was a rottweiler in the cage next to hers.

A small white man came over to her cage to stand beside her new Master. Her Master said a bunch of things she didn't understand. The white guy now translated for her. "Your new Master cannot speak english, nor does he care to learn. This will be the last time you hear any words that you understand cunt. We are flying to his private island. You will be expected to fuck his dogs, donkeys, and him whenever he pleases. If you ever refuse his or any of the animals advances you will be beaten. If you try to run away either you will be killed when found or might end up dying due to the dangers on the island. Once i get off this plane you will no longer be able to talk, he doesn't want to hear you talk and if you do anything other than make sounds of extacy he will have your tongue cut out. Do you understand slut?"

Dorei nodded her head in defeat. This was the end of her life she knew this much. The rest of her life would entail only servicing this disgusting man and his animals or getting beaten.

So ends the story of Dorei's abduction she was never seen or heard from ever again.

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7:47 am
enslaved and violated (cont)
Jake led Dorei downstairs to the entertainment room. There was a cage in there, right by a round table with chairs that seated 8 people. Jake took her to the cage and locked her into it. From the cage she could see the tv, Jake went and popped in a gangbang hardcore forced sex video in it. It looked homemade and realistic. She wondered if that girl in the video had a similar fate to hers. "Be a good girl and you will get to play tonight cunt", Jake said to her with a big grin.

After about an hour of being in the cage watching the porno, she heard the doorbell ring and then a flood of laughter and voices in the other room. All the voices were male voices. She also heard a bark from a dog that was not Duke, but the bark was strangely familiar to her. Dorei started to feel nauseous. 3 strangers came into the room and came to the cage to look at her. They reached in touching her whereever they wanted to, she felt like a pet at a petting zoo. After they copped their feels and made lewd comments about what they will do to her slutty body that night they had a seat.

To Dorei's horror she recognized a face of the fourth man that was with the brothers walking into the entertainment room. It was her ex-boyfriend from a year ago!!! His name was Phillip and he had ended up dumping her because she wouldn't put out. Phillip walked over to the cage and smirked. "I see you guys agreed what a luscious slave she would make. I'm a little jealous I couldn't kidnap her, but given the fact i've dated her i would be the first suspect. I knew you guys would love her. By the way Joe thanks for the 20 grand finders fee. I should have just sold her to you for the 50 grand when you offered it to me, but I was afraid that i'd be linked if I sold her to you like that. Look what I got Dorei, I brought you a dog to play with along with Duke, you may call him Master Zeaus", Phillips eyes drank in the now slutty clad body of the prude he once dated.

Anger flooded over Dorei as she realized that Phillip was the reason this happened to her. Was this some sort of shitty payment because she wouldn't have sex with him? "You fucking asshole, I can't believe you fucking did this to me!! I fucking hate you!!", Dorei kept screaming all sorts of obscenities at Phillip. Joe moved towards her cage quickly with anger and drug her out by her hair. There is a Heavy duty Oring hanging fromt he ceiling and he takes her leash and attaches it to it making her have to stand on her tip toes and its tugging at her tender nipples. Joe leaves the room and comes back with a strange item with a bunch of lil leather strappy things on it. "This is a flogger cunt, and I won't tolerate you talking to a guest in my house like that. The sooner your realize your place the better. You should be thanking Phillip that he got you such a good life as this. All you have to do is fuck and suck... many women would die for a life like this.", he screamed at her. Joe started whipping her with the flogger. By the time he was done her ass and back were feverously hot and red and stinging from the violence of his whipping. All the men were laughing and pointing as she was being taught a lesson. Tears started to stream down her eyes. Joe untied her from the ring in the ceiling then grabbed her by the hair and put her on her knees in front of Phillp. "Tell him you are sorry slut and address him as Master. Beg for his forgiveness", Joe ordered her.

"I'm sorry Master Phillip, please please forgive me I'm begging you", sobbed Dorei as she choked the words out.

"Good girl, cunt", Phillip said forgivingly.

"Okay lets get the show started said Jake i want to see her tag teamed by the dogs.", said one of the strangers whose name she didn't even know.

"Good idea. Zeus and Duke come here now", ordered Joe. Joe motioned for Phillip to grab Zeus his Mastiff and for Jake to get Duke and bring them over to me. Joe grabbed a shock collar and put it above the collar with nipple clamps on it. Joe pressed a button to test it out. Dorei screeched when she felt the shock wave over her body. "If you try to escape or anything this bad boy has a long range I'll shock you to death if I have to slut", Joe informed her.

Jake got Duke to where layed down infront of Dorei and his sheath exposed. Jake pushed her face down so the top of her body is pressed to the floor and her mouth and lick at the cock, leaving her ass and pussy exposed to the air. Phillip guided his Mastiff Zues to Dorei's behind and helped him to mount apparently the dog was already excited and hard. Phillip slid the dog cock into her pussy and zeus started to fuck her still sore pussy with frenzy. Jake was beating off Duke pointing it at her mouth as soon as it swoll up enough to not hurt her throat he shoved her mouth onto the cock and said, "Suck it whore"

The men were all sitting down on the couch watching the antics. The were calling her names like whore, cunt, dog bitch, cum slut... anything horrible they were calling her, by those names. All of the sudden she started to tremble, she was so turned on and the dog was fucking her so good, she was starting to cum. OMG NOOOOO she thought, i can't be cumming and turned on this is so wrong. She was moaning and squealing onto Dukes cock, it was apparent that her body was betraying her and loved every bit of the attention it was getting at the moment. Duke came first spewing his gross tasting cum into her mouth. Knowing if she didn't devour it she wouldp rolly get a beating, she sucked it down like it was the most delicious thing she'd ever tasted. She even said mmmmmm. Duke laid there satiated and didn't withdrawl his cock from her mouth and with the position she was being held in she had to lay there with his flaccid cock in her mouth.

Zeus was pounding her tight pussy, then she felt him move in more and started to feel his knot swelling inside of her pussy filling it up. She started to cum again. Squealing like a stuck pig but with delight. It hurt and felt so good all at the same time. Dorei felt zeus explode into her pussy. "Ahhh Zeus is done now, let's play poker she can service us under the table as soon as zues's knot goes down.", said Joe

Dorei stayed in that position with Duke in her mouth for about 7 min. First Zues pulled his cock out of her pussy then Duke went to go smell her pussy scent on Zues's cock. Duke started to lick her juices off of the Mastiff. After a bit they both wandered off to find a place to nap after their satisfaction was achieved. Dorei could feel the dog cum oozing out of her pussy, she felt so disgusting, especially since she came and appeared to enjoy it so much.

"Dorei get yer ass over here no rest for you, there are still 8 of us in need of some release.", stated Joe. Dorei apparently either didn't move fast enough or Joe just wanted to torture her because he pressed the button on the shock collar. She cried out, but hurried to get under the table. "Start with Phillip slut", ordered Joe.

"Yes Master", Dorei replied obediently.
6:45 am
enslaved and violated (cont)
On her knees looking up at her Master Joe, horrifying thoughts flooded her mind. They are going to film all of this? What if my family saw this stuff, what if people that knew her saw her in these movies. Tears started to stream down her face again.

Joe got an angry look on his face and slapped Dorei. "Quit crying whore, or i'll give you a reason to cry", he barked at her. Joe turned his head looking towards the direction of the now ringing phone. "Jake answer that please i'm dealing with our slut", said Joe.

Jake got up and went to the phone he was talking quietly and Dorei couldn't really tell what he was saying because Joe had turned on a porno on the tv, and all she could here was the loud moaning of a woman being fucked by a multitude of men.

Jake returned with an ear to ear grin on his face. "Hey Joe poker party at our house tonight.", said Jake.

"Ahhhh nice, that means our little slut can be tested out tonight. We will have her put on a show first with Duke, then after that she can service us all while we play.", Joe smirked as he said this.

"Let me take the cunt upstairs Joe, I'll bathe her and make her presentable for tonight.", requested Jake.

"Good idea", said Joe has he held the leash out for Jake to grab.

Jake grabbed the leash and tugged at it, Dorei followed him quickly as not to be dragged behind him. He led her up a spiral staircase to a Master bedroom at the top of the stairs. Upon entrance to the room Jake began to remove the slave body harness from her body. He then removed the collar. There was a bruise that went all the way around her throat from the times she was dragged and/or tugged too hard. Jake took her hand and led her into the bathroom and started running warm water and added some Jasmine oil to it. It was a huge tub so it will be a bit till the water would fill it.

Jake walked around Dorei inspecting her body, his eyes drinking in her curves hungrily, she saw his cock start to swell in his pants. Dorei felt her pussy start to throb at this visual. She turned beet red ashamed she was turned on. Jake started taking off his pants, then his boxers and stood there with his cock pointing straight out at Dorei. "Look at what you have done, slut. Good that this happened now though before I get you all cleaned up for company.", he smirked.

Jake pushed down on her shoulders motioning her to get on her knees infront of his cock. He grabbed her hair and slid his cock into her mouth. "I want you to suck this like you are enjoying it and love it cunt. Do it like you would for a boyfriend. Worship this cock like you live to please it and hunger for its juices in your belly." Jake instructed her.

Jake kept his hold on Dorei's hair but didn't force himself in. She took one hand and started to massage his nutsack and kept her lips around just the head of his cock. With her other hand she started to stroke the shaft like she was trying to milk it into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock making him moan slightly. She then moved her mouth to his sweaty balls and sucked them into her mouth gently playing with them with her tongue. She used her hand to stroke his cock keeping it hard and interested while she played with the nutsack. "Oh yeah cock slut you know what a Master likes" Moaned Jake softly. While she is sucking Jake Duke comes in, it's like he could smell her sex from downstairs. Duke started to shove his nose in her crotch as she is sucking Jake off. He starts licking her cunt making her moan onto Jake's balls. The dog set something off in her all of the sudden she desired to take Jake's cock in her mouth and suck it down deep fast and hard. She let his balls drop gently from her mouth into her hand and started to suck his big cock into her mouth. She moved fast sucking her mouth so hard her cheeks were caved in. Dizziness passes over her as she feels the dog chewing, licking and sucking at her pussy as she is sucking Master Jake well. Jake's balls start to tighten up in her hand, she knows he is about to explode in her mouth. Jake grabs onto Dorei's hair and pulls her mouth tight onto his cock so she can't move as he explodes into the back of her throat making her gag onto him. Jake ordered Duke downstairs and Duke obeyed. "You will get plenty of action from Duke in a while whore, right now we need to get you presentable for company." he said.

Jake lifted Dorei up onto her feet by her hair and guided her to the tub. He got a sponge and soaped it up and started washing every inch of her body. Then came the shampoo and conditioner. He was so gentle as he washed her, it felt good to Dorei. After he washed her he took her out of the tub and dried her then fixed her hair nice. He led her to a walk in closet and then started to look for the perfect outfit. He grabbed a corset that left the tits bare and a pair of thigh highs that would attach to the garter straps on the corset. Her private parts would be exposed with this outfit on. He then found a pair of thigh high boots with 7inch heels. "Yes this outfit is perfect, all black for the cum slut", smiled Jake.

Jake put all the outfit on her it took awhile for the corset he made sure he had it laced very tightly. He then dug into a drawer and found a collar that had nipple chains with clamps attached to them. he put the collar on her first then attached each c-clamp to her nipples tightly. Dorei whimpered a bit form the discomfort. Jake then attached the leash to the o-ring on the collar. The nipple chains are attached to the O-ring as well so any tug on the leash also tugs at her nipples. Jake grabbed the leash and started leading her down the stairs. Dorei gasped from the tug at her nipples.

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6:30 am
enslaved (cont)
Strangely Dorei felt satiated and good after the men used her. Her cheeks burning from the flames of shame deep from within her soul, she was ashamed but aroused by this treatment from the men. Dorei bit down on her tongue to give herself a reality check. Stop it she told herself this is not a good thing here, you must run away the first chance you get to get back to your life.

Joe unbound her from the modified construction horse then clasped he leash onto her collar. "Time for another shower, cunt". Dorei shivered as his words sunk in and she realized she would be hooked to the post again adn have them hose her down with all that cold water. Jake wandered off as Joe took er for her shower.

After the shower Joe led her by yanking her along till they reached the house. Joe said,"You have been such a good girl today you get your first chance to be in the house. Don't fuck it up Whore."

Upon entry in the house she noticed a very nicely furnished 2 story home. These men were obviously wealthy. She wondered how they were so rich considering they looked like trailer park tarash for the most part. Joe led her to a door and opened it. She saw stairs that went down into the darkness of their basement. Joe continued to lead her and went down the stairs. Once at the bottom he pulled a string that flooded the room with light. In the corner of trhe room was a cage with a puppy bed on the floor of it. Joe unclasped the leash from her collar opened the cage door and shoved her into it with a force that knocked her down into the cage roughly. He closed the door of the cage then padlocked it. "We will have to house break you first whore, till then you will stay in the cage except to piss outside and crap. There is self feeding dog dish and water dish in your cage with you." After that was said Joe went upstairs after turning out the light and leaving here there in the bsement all alone in the pitch black darkness.

Although it was only a few hours it seemed like she had been there for days already. Nothing to do except drink water, eat dogoof, and think about how horrid this situation is. She heard footsteps coming down the basement stairs and she grew excited to see someone. It was Joe again. Joe seemed to be the "boss" to everyone here. Joe smiles when he noticed the look of excitement on Dorei's face. "Ahhh my little slut is learning to love when I come to see her" He reaches in and scratces Dorei's head just like he would pet a dog. "It's time for you to pee, pet" Joe unlocked and opened her cage door and clasped the leaach to her once again. He leads her outside to a spot where there is a lot of grass and some bushes but there is no seculsion and she can see the other 3 borthers standing around

"Piss you damned cunt, I dont' have all day to stand out here walking you to piss.", he ordered her.

Dorei felt tears sting her eyes she spread her legs a lot more so that she hoped she wouldn't ge the pee down her legs. She let the pee stream out of her like niagra falls. Joe smiled ear to ear. "Good girl!!", he said as he reached in his pocked and pulled out a doggy treat. "I know you aready did good but I still want you to do a trick for your treat. I want you to sit up and then beg for a treat."

Dorei kneeled and held her arms up to her chest like you would imagine that would look like when a dog sits up and begs. Dorei starts to make small whines as she begs pleaseeeeeeeee may I have a treat Master.

Joe tossed the treat up into the air and orders her to catch it in her mouth. Dorei lunges to cat the treat in her mouth, she successfully catches the treat. "Good job, slutpuppy"

Joe leads her back into the house the 3 brothers follow him into the house. Joe leads her to the living room. He sits in his favorite chair then yanks her closer to him. "On your knees whore", he orders her.

"I think we need to come up with a name for her Joe", said Jake.

"Yeah you are right, specially once we start filing cum slut films again.", said Joe

Dorei looked up at Joe. He really was a handsome man. She wondered what they meant by filming movies again. "permission to speak Master?", said Dorei with respect.

"Go ahead whore", he said

"What did you mean by filming again?", Dore said carefully.

"Well my lil cum slut, you see the nice things we have? We will film you getting fucked all sorts of ways with animals or men or inanimate objects. People pay very well for slave porn. Specially when it looks real because its a real slave. You will learn to love all this though. Eventually you will love your life slut. You will ache to be used.

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Sunday, July 8th, 2007
12:52 pm
Enslaved and Violated: The abduction of Dorei
Dorei woke up like always at 4am, she always liked to run through the park at 4:30 am after a touch of coffee in the mornings. She'd been following that routine for about 4 years now.

Yawning she walked upstairs to get her jogging shorts on and a tight half shirt. She stood in front of the mirror to make sure she was all ready to go. Dorei stood 5'5" tall with an hourglass shape even though she was fit she always had a nice big round ass and thick thighs and calves. Of course most men had trouble looking at the rest of her since her tits were 38DD. Her hair was to the middle of her back and auburn and she had hazel brown eyes. She was never deemed gorgeous or beautiful, but she had those exotic looks that commanded a man's attention. Her lips looked like Angelina Jolie's. She couldn't even count how many men made the comment I bet you can suck cock good with those lips. Satisfied with what she saw in the mirror she made her way to the door then out it to start her jog.

Little did Dorei know but a man was parked at the park already awaiting her. He'd been watching her for the past year. Today was the day he would take her. He'd been planning this for ages. He and his 4 brothers wanted a slave to keep at their farm and this one is the "chosen one"

Dorei stopped by the benches for a few minutes when she saw a man with a rottie The man waved hi to her and she smiled and said hi back. "Beautiful day isn't it?", she said with a smile

"Indeed it is", said the man. "Don't suppose you could give me a hand could you miss?"

"What did you need help with?", she asked quizzically.

"Well, i was taking a break, my dog lost his ball over in the woods over there. Could you help me search for it? Its Duke's favorite ball.", he said

"Well I guess i could, I just quit my job a few days ago and don't have to be anywhere in a hurry today", she said

"Awesome, follow me I'll show you the area where i lost it."

Dorei followed him to a thick part of the forest within the park. When he started looking around and pointing to the area she started to search too. For about an hour they searched around to no avail.

"Well damn, I guess it's lost forever. You look thirsty sweety let me give you a pop from my cooler in my van i've got a table in there we can sit and have a drink and talk a little bit." he said invitingly.

Dorei looked at the man he was handsome. He looked to be about 6'10 250 pounds of lean muscle, black hair and gorgeous green eyes. "Well, sure I would love to" Dorei accept his invitation.

Dorei followed him to a black van with all tinted windows. He opened the back doors and let Duke his dog climb in first then he stepped in and held out his hands to help her in. Once she was in the van she went over to the table and seated herself.

Wow the man thought this is going to be way easier than I thought it would be. This lil bitch has no idea what is in store for her. She doesn't even know my name and she agreed to get in a van with me.

Dorei noticed the man looking at her as though his eyes were burning through her clothes. Blushing she started to feel a bit uncomfortable. He wasn't talking at all just staring at her. "you know what i think its a good idea if I get going now."

The man went to Dorei and grabbed her by her long ponytail. "You aren't going anywhere cunt" The man dragged her by the hair to the back of the van where there was a welded on O ring from the ceiling and he took some cuffs and cuffed her to it. Dorei started to scream so he grabbed a ball gag and shoved it into her mouth. "Shut up whore, or you will be sorry"

Dorei started to sob her cries and screams muffled by the ball gag. The man laughed at her and told her that she no longer would live life free. That he and his 4 brothers lived on a farm and she would service them and do everything they asked of her.

It seemed like the drive took hours and through the window she noticed that they were out in the country. Duke walked over to her in the van. He started shoving his nose in her crotch. She started to make noise and try to push the dog away with her legs. The man must have seen this in the mirror he slammed on the breaks and came to the back and smacked her face so hard it made her head move to the side violently. "Don't you ever push away your Master Duke" Your pussy belongs to him as well as me and my brothers. Matter of fact your pussy is now public property so no matter who or what touches or sniffs your pussy you will spread your legs and make sure you are open to whatever it/they want. Is that understood you cock whore?", he said as he grabbed her hair pulling her head to where he can see her face.

Dorei nodded scared to piss the man off more. He pulled her shorts of and forced her to spread her legs. "Duke buddy, come here boy. You can play with that pussy now Duke the whore knows her place now."

Duke excitedly went over to dorei's pussy and started licking it. He nibbled a lot with his teeth too, it kind of hurt a little bit because sometimes he bit too hard. Dorei had never had sex with a man or even been touched by one before. She always was too busy for dating and other nonsence like that. Tears started to run down her face trying to fight the feelings of ecstacy that were pouring over her with the dogs attention on her pussy.

"Ok whore, don't push him off you. I'm going to finish taking you home now.", said the man.

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Saturday, July 7th, 2007
9:56 pm
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